Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Czech Republic Pays for Immigrants to Go Home: Global Immigrant backlash?

Last week there was news that Japan would pay immigrants, especially second generation Latin American immigrants to go "home." Wall Street Journal now reports that Czech Republic is following suit (The Czech Republic Pays for Immigrants to Go Home)
Questions: One wonders if this is the beginning of a global Immigrant backlash? Is this the beginning of a trend where Western countries ask Legal permanent residents and immigrants to voluntarily leave for their "home countries"? (Surely the policy makers in the Land of Immigrants - USA, Canada, Australia, UK - are watching?!)
Wonder what would happen when the tide turns and the economic climate improves: will the same governments again issue immigrant visas and one-way tickets inviting immigrants back "home"? And Speaking of Home, where is a "home" for immigrants like Trin Van Pham, the Vietnamese immigrant featured in the WSJ story who took on $11,000 in debts to get to his new home?

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