Thursday, May 14, 2009

Supertankers and Global economy binds us all: Waiting for work

What is common to Super-tankers in Singapore’s coast, Super-workers in Los Angeles and super-coders in Bangalore? A hint: the the prefix super, their lives are super-slow now. Thanks in to the fact that are all a part of the global village and the global slowdown has hit them all equally.
Image: NYT

New York Times had an interesting story yesterday (Cargo Ships Treading Water Off Singapore, Waiting for Work) that starts off “To go out in a small boat along Singapore’s coast now is to feel like a mouse tiptoeing through an endless herd of slumbering elephants.”

Reading the article, I could not help but reflect that the image of hundreds of supertankers idling away must be breathtaking. Sure, Supertankers idling away is a lot of money idling for investors. By the same token, others including techies in Bangalore and day-workers in Anytown USA waiting for a day’s wage are also perhaps in the same boat as the Supertankers.

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