Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Microsoft 365 on the cloud: The Future is Past

With rollout of Microsoft 365, Redmond has finally got an answer to Cloud Computing, at least in the commodity applications space.

So what’s new? Not much if you, like me, have also been using Microsoft’ hotmail account – email over cloud - for over a decade. Every large Software vendor aspires to a share of the next big thing and for now it is the cloud. Same goes for every IT professional, self included, who wishes to keep on top of the latest: one just can’t stay away from the hype over cloud computing.

Much of the research surveys point to how commodity applications from Apple, Google and Microsoft are going to change our lives. Surveys also highlight the fact that few IT executives expect their organizations to select a public cloud over a private cloud.

As regards commodity applications, they are not as new as they are being touted to be. I guess the change is already here:
• email on the cloud – since mid 1990s : over 15 years old
• WebEx, instant messenger services on the cloud – since late 1990s – over a decade
• SalesForce case studies on cloud computing – since early 2000 – nearly a decade
• Online learning tools – since mid 1990s – over 15 years
• Social media tools – evolving for the past decade
• Music and video on the cloud – services evolving for the past decade. Remember the hype when google bought out youtube?
• Documents on the web? Openoffice, OpenDocs etc since late 1990s.

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