Monday, November 5, 2012

May you live in interesting times

I have long tuned off to viral anything-on-the-net but the news of Bronco Bama Girl video going viral last week really struck a chord.

A few weeks ago, during the heat of election mania I casually mentioned to my wife that we would watch the first presidential debate on TV that evening. Our toddler son overheard and was all excited at the prospect of watch "something" on TV. And he was equally excited to mutter the new word, debate, all day. A couple of minutes after the evening broadcast began, he realized that the “debate” was just two men on screen standing and talking. He was so underwhelmed that he started crying. (that scene of course wasn’t as photogenic as that of Abigael Evans’s red faced brawl but it came close). Perhaps the reason why that video went viral: natives and immigrants in America alike have been overwhelmed by the election mania during the past weeks and months.

Just as the election drama was reaching a crescendo, hurricane Sandy stuck north eastern US. Stories of the tragedies and lives lost made me reflect on the power Mother Nature sways, even in the wealthiest nation in the world, with all the possible resources at its disposal. With accounts of Hurricane Sandy overwhelming newswaves, the tragic news of African dogs mauling a boy at Pittsburgh zoo didn’t get as much attention in the media.

As we come to the close of a frenzied presidential election in America, the old Chinese saying “May you live in interesting times” seems apt. 

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