Thursday, February 9, 2017

Q&A: How would you explain the H1B visa to a 10 year old?

An interesting question from an online forum

How would you explain the H1B visa to a 10 year old?Both old and new ones.

Think of it this way: THE Beyonce concert is coming to town and tickets are hard to come by. The tickets are expensive and available to a select few people (or people who know someone who know someone).

Then: You begged-borrowed really hard to get a couple of tickets for you and your 10-year-old.
Googled image
Now: A few days before the much awaited concert, the hard-nosed organizer decides that only those above 16 are going to be allowed in. He doesn’t clarify what happens to existing ticket holders, leaving a trail of heartbroken 10-year-olds and their dads and moms.

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