Sunday, October 22, 2017

Looking at the current scenario of too many immigrations to Canada, will it create lack of employment opportunities over there?

This was an interesting question that came via an online forum. The questioner adds "The trends which I am following make it very confusing to decide upon whether to opt for Canada or not."

My Response

There is an old tale of the famous explorer Vasco da Gama (link) landing in the coast of Kerala

On hearing of the landing of ‘foreigners’ on their shores, the king of Calicut sent an emissary with a glass brimming with milk.

On receiving the glass, Vasco da Gama quickly understood the message, and asked his assistant for spoon of sugar that he deftly mixed in the glass without spilling a drop.

The emissary went back to the king with the message, and the King smiled and welcomed Vasco da Gama and his entourage with fanfare.

The message back to the king of Calicut was simple: just like the spoon of sugar mixes and devolves in a glass brimming with milk without spilling it, we too will blend in without spoiling your equilibrium.

Immigrants to Canada, US and elsewhere have traditionally taken this approach of ‘sweetening the milk’ without spilling it or messing with the existing equilibrium.
This is likely to continue as long as newcomers come in with an open mind by enriching the host nations, and are willing to carve out opportunities without spilling the existing milk.

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