Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blasts in Boston and Bangalore . Time to end the cycle of terror

Like most of us who live in the US, I was shocked by the recent blasts during Boston Marathon. Though we don’t live anywhere near Boston, the incident certainly touched a nerve.

And then early this morning, I got a jolt while checking my emails with my bed-tea. My dad, who lives in Bangalore, had sent a note saying everything was “oaky”. Reading a few sentences ahead I realized he was talking about the blast in Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

The market area in Malleshwaram also happened to be my favorite hangout during college days years ago. My parents continue to frequent Malleshwaram, given the convenience of shopping and proximity to dozens of ancient Hindu temples.

I could go on with the blog, but at this time would stop with a simple appeal: Like most digirati and global citizen, I feel it is time to end the cycle of senseless terror and return to more innocent times in Bangalore, Boston and everywhere!

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