Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mid-week musing on age and id

Every now and then WSJ runs topical pieces examining social trends. The article “White Hair, Wrinkles Aren't Valid ID at These Drinking Establishments” is one such fascinating piece.

I was surprised to read that there are states in the US that made “universal ID checks mandatory in package stores (not bars)” and in some locales, "If you're 90 years old in a wheelchair, you're checked"

Just the other day I was reflecting on how store clerks just look at me, and do an automatic override when checking out the bottle of wine or some beer I occasionally have in my shopping cart. Is it my stray gray hair or the way I carry myself I wondered. Especially since I would routinely be asked for an ID for such purchases, even a few years ago. I am surely not in my twenties and have started looking my age I guess. There again, if I were to be asked for an ID, I could echo the thoughts of Alex Marshall who is quoted saying “I love it. My ego is soothed.”

The article also says some states and locales are repealing the law on ID check for those who look over a certain age, say 40 years and older. "It didn't work the way we thought," says Bill Davis, Republican chairman of the public-policy committee in the Indiana House of Representatives. Scott Pelath, the Democratic minority leader, says, "All it did was set folks off. We forgot that there's a fine line between clever and stupid."

Well put!

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