Monday, October 6, 2014

Hewlett-Packard and slices of pizza!

It is interesting to read the announcement on the split of yet another tech giant, Hewlett-Packard, coming shortly after the breakup of eBay and Paypal. Every time I read announcements on mergers and de-mergers, the image of a large pizza with different toppings on each slice comes to mind.

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It is also interesting to note the spin with announcement of mergers and demergers.  When companies, producing different products or services merge, announcements highlight “synergies” in the “value enhancing move.”  And when a company like - Hewlett-Packard announces a demerger, it is yet another value- enhancing move that allows us to “invest in the respective asset groups without the fear of cross- subsidies and inefficiencies” (link)
The impact on people, employees and stakeholders including customers, who are left to manage the change - management speak for those left catching the falling knife – from such de-mergers, has been studied ad infinitum. And so has the impact on the groups of people who benefit from mergers and demergers: shareholders and investors, lawyers and consultants.
The footnote in the analysis of Hewlett-Packard’s Value enhancing move Planned job cuts will increase to 55,000 and costs to restructure cost will be about $600 million.” made me wonder: $600 million to slice a corporate pizza?!

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