Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Selfie generation unable to sit back and smell the roses?‏

While stepping out of the supermarket the other day, I was pleasantly surprised to see a double rainbow. Not very common; but also not something we see every day.
After standing still, watching the rainbow for a few minutes, I looked around: a mother and her teenage son quickly got their cellphone to “capture” the moment. So did another man who was walking up to his parked car. And so did a dad with an amused toddler. The only two people in the parking lot not “capturing the moment” in their cellphones were the toddler, who didn’t have one, and me standing amused by others’ selfie moment. 
The ease with which modern cellphones enable capturing pictures and videos also means that almost every moment of our lives are now worth capturing digitally, leaving little or no incentive to really enjoy the moment.
By capturing the moments digitally we hope to share them with others connected by social media. Since all of our friends and peers share “unique” moments of their lives, we don’t have an urge to resist digitally capturing a few moments.
Thankfully, our five year old doesn’t have a cellphone, and is content to enjoy the occasional double rainbow, spotting a deer or rabbit in a park and even just stopping to smell the roses (literally) while taking a walk in the park.
Note to self: resist the urge to capture these moments in my smartphone.

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