Sunday, December 23, 2018

Career question: Is LinkedIn a useful platform for Job hunting ?

I don’t agree with the premise of the question that LinkedIn is for ‘sales people’. I am not a salesman, and I am quite active on digital platforms like Quora and Linkedin, and use the latter to network professionally.
Here is my little story.
A little more than a year ago, I moved back to India to be around for my aging parents (ref: What were your experiences moving back to India after getting US citizenship? What are the best ways to make this move?).
I applied for an FMLA from my (then) employer and decided to job-search in Bengaluru where I was going to be based. As an Indian American, most of my old professional network in India had scattered in the years since I had migrated.
I was clear about the kind of role I was looking for. I was looking for a non-sales role in technology management, Enterprise Architecture or solution design. LinkedIn stood out as an ideal platform to network and to revive my old network. A few ways I began leveraging the platform
  • I activated Linkedin Premium . It is money well spent, and allows candidates to get more analytics about advertised jobs, and to reach out to recruiters and others
  • Began actively contributing to the forums on Linkedin - Liking and Commenting on interesting articles, responding to queries and posts in groups that I was interested in.
  • I increased the frequency of my Likedin Pulse (blog) posts on a variety of topics
  • Continued to apply for interesting roles being advertised in job section
In a matter of weeks, LinkedIn analytics indicated that my profile was beginning to stand out among peers.
  • Many in my network began ‘looking’ at updates on my profile and reached out with a ‘hi, how are things’
  • I began to receive queries from head-hunters
  • I began to receive responses to my job application and had some good interviews and discussions with hiring managers
Yes, I got a couple of interesting job offers and finally took up my current role.

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