Sunday, December 9, 2018

Experience applying for vamsha vriksha (Family Tree) at #BBMP

My father recently passed away and I was planning to sell a Car registered in his name. The dealer wanted me to get a 'Family Tree' document, though he didn't explain how to get one.

I searched for "How to apply for a Family Tree document at BBMP?" but couldn't get answers, so I thought I'd share my experience here.

I went to the Sub-registrar office in Yelahanka, Bengaluru, where I was told to go to the local 'Nada Kacheri'. Here is my experience:

  • I went to the BBMP-help center in Hebbal where the guys asked me to fill the form and get some affidavits.
  • I went to a 'Xerox/LIC' shop nearby, where the agent said, he could prepare the affidavits, documents etc required for the application. It would cost about Rs 650
  • He took copies of family member's Aadhar cards and prepared the docs and uploaded it online, and gave me a printout with an affidavit. 
  • The agent said, if I wanted the documents attested/registered immediately, it would cost Rs 5,000 more, which I felt was a bit steep. I refused. 
  • He said, I could submit it myself. However, they (BBMP) would make me run around a few times asking questions. 
  • I took the documents the agent had prepared and submitted them at the 'e-Counter' at BBMP office on 4th Jan. 
  • A few days later, the online status of application showed"Application Date: 04-Jan-2019 Due Date: 14-Jan-2019 Application Status: Application Pending With NK Operator for Hand Over to RI"
  • The status then changed to "Application Pending With NK Case Worker for Receive from RI"
  • On 14th Jan, I got a call from the case worker at BBMP. She said that I had not attached a copy of property documents or tax-paid receipt. 
    • I replied that the application was for Family Tree needed for a car that was registered in my (late) father's name. 
    • She said that the attestation was generally given for property document needs and I had to stop by with a copy of those, else the application would be put "on hold."
  • I was tied up at work the next few days and couldn't go back to the BBMP office. 
  • On 17th Jan, before I decided to go back to the office, I checked for the status of my application online on nadakacheri website and was pleasantly surprised. 
  • The application status showed "Certificate Has Been Approved and Pending For Print" 
  • I was even able to use the application number to print a copy of the family-tree with a Note : "This is a Free Copy"

I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks #BBMP !

A few facts about attestation of a family tree.

  •  A "family tree" is a self prepared genealogy/pedigree by the family members that can be attested by a government, generally a revenue official (or tehsildar). 
  • An attested Family Tree is required to support a will or for other requirements supporting  inheritance of property.
  • In Karnataka, the "Nadakacheri" system is designed to submit an application for family tree. One needs to pay the fee online and print the application along with copies of documents - address and identity proof of family members (Voter card , Aadhaar card etc) along with a notarized document from the applicant. In addition, one may need a copy of Death Certificate for the deceased member/s 
  • You can upload copies of documents along with the online application. In addition, The printout needs to be submitted at a local BBMP help-center (if in Bengaluru) or at other "Nadakacheri" designated centers.
  • It takes about 7-10 days for the application to be processed (could be "speeded up" for a small fee to an agent, if one is in a hurry)

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