Monday, June 1, 2020

Encroachment in the neighborhood. Experience with #BBMP Sahaaya : Thumbs up for the response

I recently came across an 'encroachment' on a covered Storm Water Drain in my neighborhood, and as a conscientious neighbor, decided to act on it rather than just mull it over.

This was a rather blatant attempt to encroach on a public land on a busy thoroughfare. New BEL Road, for those of you know North Bengaluru, has morphed into a rather tony commercial thoroughfare. 

Someone or a group had decided to encroach on that prime space and erected a 'structure' on the foot-path facing the main road. Left un-attended, the folks would soon start a shop/commercial enterprise, and the illegal structure would eventually be accepted as a part of the landscape. 

I noticed this during my morning walks and was in two minds about complaining to the local civic authorities. From my past experience, I knew of BBMP's Sahaaya app and portal that is actively monitored by the civic authority. (My past experience with BBMP

I started by logging a complaint and uploaded a mashup of the picture and google-map location, briefly explaining the problem.

I got a SMS notification about my Grievance#:200369xx that had been logged. During the next few weeks, I continued to get messages on my smartphone while the Grievance was escalated through their hierarchy. 

During the past couple of weeks, I also got a call from a couple of officials confirming the location of my complaint. I explained the details of the issue and landmark to the oficials. 

I eventually got a message "Grievance#: 200369xx regarding footpath encroachment status has been changed from Registered to Resolved By Staff(Desg): Eranna(AE). Remark: Encrochment is cleared ." During my recent walk by that area, I noticed that the structure was indeed gone! 

Kudos #BBMP Sahaaya and the team for acting on a resident's complaint. Let's keep our neighborhoods clear of encroachments ! 

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