Sunday, December 18, 2016

Q&A: Is there a big politics involved in selecting Indians as CEOs of top software companies?

Considering the number of software engineers in India, board members of top software companies want to play with the psychology of young Indian software engineers.

My response:

  • Is there politics/nepotism/cronyism in the corporate world? Sure!
  • Is there politics involved in selecting CEOs? Sure there is.
  • Is there a glass-ceiling in Corporate America? Heck Yeah!
Yes there is politics/nepotism/cronyism in corporate world, just like there is in rest of the society.
Now that we have addressed the basics, let us get to the corporate world. Corporate leaders, Board of directors and Shareholders have one primary goal: maximize Shareholder value - Wikipedia Most B-School students and graduates will recognize this mantra drilled into their minds from day-one.
What does this mean? While corporate leaders might accept some “politics,” cream does rise to the top. Otherwise the enterprise will fail .. and shareholders will loose value!
Why do you think the two leading software companies - Google and Microsoft - selected “Indians” as their CEOs?! Because they happened to be the best!
Image: Google / Bing search
And speaking of politics, After completing a round-robin by offering CEO position to its founders, Infosys hired an outsider, a global tech-executive as its CEO. … he just happened to be “Indian” too
Vishal Sikka (Googled image)

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